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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Travel Series: Campo de Montealegre, Spain, "Restaurante Fatima"

Montealegre (Valladolid) 
C/ Nicolás Rodriguez Nº 64.
34 902 88 6094

So this is the setting of Restaurante Fatima.  A beautiful, isolated, small village in Montealegre, about an hour outside the city of Valladolid.  We arrived at around 1pm and there was not a single person.  The people in these small villages take siesta seriously I suppose. 

Pork loin with sesame sprouts (?) and apple vinaigrette

Potato soup with bacon wrapped green beans.

A lot of people didn't like this dish but it was quite amazing.  Lamb offals (liver, heart etc) with egg and crispy crispy delicious bacon.

I personally preferred this pil pil to the one we had at Inigo Lavabo.  At first I thought my cod was undercooked but it was because it was so gelatinous (cod chins I think?).  The sauce was amazing!
Pigeon with barley.  The barley was absolutely amazing.

This restaurant reminded me of something I could probably find in Japan.  I love these restaurants located in the middle of nowhere that serve outstanding food! Chef Fatima was quite the character and I thoroughly enjoyed our lunch there.  The weather was perfect and we hung out in the garden afterwards.

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